My name is Ardak. I am a mother, an artist and a co-founder of ZenART Supplies, a brand that offers great tools and resources to passionate artists, beginners and professionals, so they can create beautiful art.

Have you been struggling with getting just the right colors for your paintings? Trust me I get it! I have been there. I had to learn the methods of color mixing the hard way but you do not have to.

Today you can get my Color Mixing Guide for FREE and start bringing your vision into reality.

I would like to get to know you and understand how my team and I can help you in your art journey and this is a thank you for taking the time to read this message and hear my story.

Hope you enjoy it and it helps you create beautiful art.

Stay always creative,


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"I'm enjoying my new paint brush set! I found the art blog/tutorials super helpful and it's clear that so much love & care goes into ZenART. Looking forward to trying more of their products in the future!"

- Nina L.

"I love how customer friendly they are, they reply asap and is very accommodating. Items they sell are also of top quality and will seriously make your artsy life a breeze.

- Jessica D.

"The art materials are beautifully made and their page also showcase a lot of artists that I can get inspired from. Not to mention that they had an amazing giveaway with prizes that can really help artists that can't affort art materials but has a great potential to improve if they have the right equipments. I also heard a lot of great reviews about their products from instagram and youtube. Their brushes are very beautiful and so are their watercolor palettes. The tutorials and tips posted by their page are also very helpful, not to mention that their admins/customer service staff are very responsive and nice."

- Kim B.

"Love and good vibes. You are special! Good team and wonderful products."

- Lo L. M.

"The quality of their sketchbook is fantastic. I love how smooth the paper is. And it's sturdy enough that whatever I use to sketch with, it won't make a scratch or dent through it."

 - Fanchon F.

"I purchased all 3 paint oil boxes, and couldn’t be happier!!"

- Iris C.J.

"Have used many oil paints over the last 12 months of painting of various qualities and cost. Although these were a gift I will be purchasing from Zen when they need replacing"

- Clifford

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